Monday, July 27, 2009


Introducing a new site for all things swimming: Swimpulse!

The mission of the site: "We're checking the pulse of the swimming community to find out what kind of support an independent, for swimmers by swimmers website, will get from you. Swimpulse isn't part of a bigger company or organization, which means our priorities and obligations to the swimming community will never come 2nd. Ask any great coach and he'll tell you the best approach to building something is to keep it simple, so that's what we're doing"

This site is the work of Garrett McCaffrey – the man who built Floswimming from the ground up. He knows swimming and knows what interests the swimming community. To make a long story short, there was what seems to be a falling out between Garrett and the folks behind flocasts. So, after a sudden departure from that site (where you can still see all his and his fellow bloggers/interviewers’ previous work), his dedicated followers have been anxiously waiting for his new venture to finally surface.

The site is pretty nifty for something built so quickly so keep in mind that it’s a work in progress. But, I’m excited that Garrett and those who also defected from Floswimming with him, are back interviewing, filming, blogging and just overall creating superb content (including coverage of Masters meets!) Let’s hope he’s able to continue providing the same type of coverage. The fact that he values swimming and swimmers at all levels is very much appreciated!

Thanks to The Screaming Viking (another great blog) for breaking the news (The Screaming Viking was also gracious enough to allow Garrett and others to use his blog to post while the Swimpulse was still being formed. I’ve added both to the blogroll on the right.)